N52 neodymium magnets and magnetic film showing magnetic flux. In attraction mode, the flux is “tight” around the magnets. In repulsion mode, forced together with nuts and threaded rod, the flux is pushed out “away” from the magnets. If you wear them, then you can receive the magnetic flux into your flesh.

Here we see a string of magnets in attraction mode sitting on magnetic film. Notice the flux does not extend away from the magnets much.
In repulsion mode the magnetic flux is pushed outward, more and more as magnets are drawn together with nuts.
With six magnets, I arrange these with both ends having a North Pole. You could arrange them to have both ends with a South Pole.
Here we see the flux is pushed out much farther.
With 5 magnets, you have a North Pole at one end, and a South Pole at the other end.
Here is a picture of one set of repulsive magnets with the south poles at both ends of the threaded rod pointing outward.
5 magnets
Repulsion (top stack of magnets) and attraction (bottom stack of magnets)
In this picture the magnetic film overlays the magnets in the previous picture above this one.