Hello, here I will try to share some small techniques that may assist some to help protect their consumables from drugging, poisoning, etc.

Materials List:

1. Duck brand masking tape- 2 inch wide – Wal-Mart sells this.

2. 100%  polypropylene string – Home Depot or Lowes sells a 6500 ft. tying twine roll in a box..

3. Magic Markers or Sanford laundry marker pens, assorted colors.

4. Pencils or pens or wooden spoons to use to twist string, winching it to make it tight.

Technique 1. To “tamper-proof” refrigerator.

Take string, loop around the back of fridge, under the condensor coil, if present on outside, bringing the free end around to the front of the fridge. pull the roll of string about 6 inches past the end of string, so there is about 5 or 6 inches of string overlapping, then cut the string so you can tie the two ends together, use square knots, repeat about 5 times the square knot. As you tie it pull out the slack as best you can.   Put the pencil pen or spoon behind the string directly behind the knot, then twist the spoon or pen around and around winching the string till it is very tight. With the pencil or spoon held tight, with the spoon or pencil perpendicular or 45 deg. from the string, tape the pencil to the string, to hold it from untwisting.

This string ties the front door to the porch post

Continue placing strips of tape from  both ends of the pencil to the string until the space is covered from the spoon or pencil to the string. Then carefully place a strip of tape on the back side of the spoon or pencil behind the other tape, so the back side of the knot is also covered with tape.

This keeps the door from being opened, or if opened you might be able to tell that it was opened. This door has a handle instead of a knob, and I can wrap the string around the back of the handle.

You can now write verses of scripture on the tape, crossing over all the strips of tape, until the front is covered, or both sides as in the picture above.

You can see the idea, it would be difficult to remove the tape, and untie the string and put the strips of tape, with your handwriting, back on the spoon, to match up your cursive handwriting on  the tape. Also the Duck brand tape tears easily if you try to remove it. 3m is more flexible where it can be removed without tearing.

Prepare a strip of tape before going outside, to make it easier.

Then wrap it around the doorknob, and write in another color across the tape edges, to make it uniquely yours.

(I do not recommend this type of door Knob as the string can be slipped off easily)

This same technique can be used to tie bedroom doors together, with child-proof door knob covers, and also taping around the door knob.

You can “tamper-evidence” your refrigerator also looping the string around the back, beneath any grill or parts to make it difficult to slide up and off the refrigerator, and bring the two ends together in the front to tie, twist and tape as described above. If the “fridge” or cabinet has handles, you can sometimes loop the string underneath the handles, to prevent slipping the string up and over or underneath.

A simple technique to help give relief from poisoning, and assurance that food hasn’t been tampered with while you are gone.

Purchasing food from a supermarket, is another story, as once you are a target, you are carefully watched, monitored, etc.
Perhaps for a while, a common GPS transmitter will spoof a GPS tracking device installed in your car, until you become a more priority target, then another technology GPS, perhaps european or russian will be installed. I’m not informed of the latest developements in tracking.
With GPS your whereabouts is signaled to the local supermarket you usually shop at, the store manager in cooperation with government officials, swaps “contaminated” products on the shelf that they suspect you will buy. The government officials through your credit cards, food stamps card, or debit card, or grocery savings cards, has a history of your usual products you purchased.
A direct hit or homecide will bring an investigation, but gradual slow poisoning that brings cancer or some other health destroying death, brings the same results without a homecidal investigation.
The police will only investigate poisoning, if a death occurs with suspicion of poisoning.

Never go always to the same grocery store to buy supplies, go to a different store every time, and go traveling to some distant locations if necessary, to keep them guessing, in fact let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing, venture out without any idea of where or what you will buy, and let The Holy Spirit guide you where to turn and discover some new store you never saw before, again let The Holy Spirit guide you, with earnest prayer, as you are hungry and need some un-poisoned food to eat.

Before you venture on a grocery store trip, you would do best to have an earnest prayer season, asking Our Father which art in Heaven, Whose Name is hallowed or Quodesh, to, in His Mercy, to assist you in purchasing food that is not poisoned, and to help you get it securely into the safe haven of your home, where you earnestly pray for His Holy angels to assist you in guarding well.

Many targets have died from cancer. A target might simply be someone who loves The Saviour, tenderly with his whole heart, and sincerely desires to serve The Most High, and dedicates his life without reserve to His Service.
Or he might have incurred the wrath of someone in politics, or a Mason, or be a target of the Jesuit order, who promotes “Jesus Christ Superstar” who will deceive the whole world when he appears, speaking some of the same utterances of Y’hoshua Ha Mashiach.

A Pogo Stick can be much more than a child’s toy.

GPS Tracking http://cyb3rcrim3.blogspot.com/2007/09/gps-detectors-jammers-spoofers.html